Overcome Burnout! Live in Harmony with Your Inner Wisdom & Achieve Success as a Woman Who Can Harness Her Creative Power to Achieve Her Dreams in Life, Love, & Business

Dear Awakening Woman,

Are you an awakening woman who’s been stuck in overdrive?

Lack?  Pushing too hard to make things work in your life & business & not achieving the results you truly desire?

Are you ready for a new way of living where things can flow?

Where your deepest dreams & desires can manifest easily?

Where you can…

To create Sacred Relationship, New Paradigm families, Income through your intuitive, feminine & creative gifts, a business that nurtures your soul, and the love, peace, harmony & fulfillment you’re seeking throughout all areas of your life?


The Secret to Harnessing the Energy of the Future lies not just in Awakening Feminine Energy, but in integrating it at all levels of your business, body, life, & relationship

That’s Where the Her Terms Telesummit Comes In…

Meet 21 Incredible Experts from Around the World

Women Entrepreneurs, Authors, Teachers, Sexuality Experts, Healers, Shamans, Witches, Priestesses, & Ancient Wisdom Keepers…

Who have each mastered RECLAIMING & INTEGRATING their Feminine Power to do life, business, body & relationships on “Her Terms”…

This is a Premier Women’s Empowerment Event that Will Call You to Reclaim the Shunned Aspects of Your Sacred Feminine Essence You’d Rather Hide, for Fear of Persecution, Loss of Income, or Other Out-dated Beliefs- & Embrace Your Divine Destiny 

Let the Words of These Wealthy, Wise & Wild Women Be Your Guide!

Out of Resistance & into Renewal!

Over 8 Inspiring Days, be Taken on a Shamanic Journey Through a Transformational REBIRTH of your Life, Business, Body & Relationships, as you learn how to harness your Intuitive & Creative Feminine Power through Every Area of Your Life

Hear these women share their stories of pivotal moments, decisions, actions, & non-actions they had to take to reclaim that special piece of Feminine Power, which often allowed them to transcend the greatest obstacles in their path & experience far deeper, meaningful & extraordinary success then they had previously dreamed of.

Be awakened, inspired, & empowered to step out of your own limiting patterns and into the wealth, wisdom, & deep connection that comes when you reclaim The Way of the Goddess in your life & business today.


Read More About Our Amazing Speakers
 & Their Inspired Talks:

Healing the Mother Wound

With Bethany Webster



Bethany-WebsterWhat many people do not realize is that the core issue at the center of women’s empowerment is the mother wound.

Difficulty and challenges between mothers and daughters are rampant and widespread but not openly spoken about. The taboo about speaking about the pain of the mother wound is what keeps it in place and keeps it hidden in shadow, festering and out of view.

In this inspiring talk, find out…

Bethany’s Bio

Bethany Webster is a writer, transformational coach, international speaker and what you could call a midwife of the heart. Her work is focused on helping women heal the “mother wound” so that they can step into their full feminine power and potential. In addition to writing and teaching internationally, Bethany offers online courses and a private coaching program for women leaders who desire to take a quantum leap in their leadership. http://womboflight.com


High End Living: Redefining Success as a Mother & Business Owner

With Carly Hope



Carly-Hope-Facebook-118Redefining High End to Encompass All You Are Now.

As business owners, we can often get caught up in the syndrome of overworking, projecting our fulfillment onto the next big goal & secretly experiencing “never enough.” Being a mother and partner has taught me how to create success by accepting all that is now, and being present to life in a much richer, authentic & Feminine way.

In this inspiring talk, here how 6-figure success coach, Carly Hope…

Carly’s Bio

Carly Hope is known as “the sales angel” after supporting hundreds of women to get past their fear of selling and learn to sell with soul. She enjoyed a successful career in the banking industry as a manager and sales trainer before working within the recruitment industry.

Famous for integrating motherhood, business, & high end living in absolutely authentic ways, today Carly has a global coaching business where she supports women to take quantum leaps in their business & lives through learning to sell with soul & redefining “High End” living to encompass the realities of life… something she gets ample opportunity experiencing as a mother of 2!

Carly’s approach is authentic and heart-centred whilst remaining highly practical and easy to integrate. Carly has hosted several virtual and live international events and is a featured speaker at many women’s events in the UK.


Rock it Out, Moms! Tune into Your Intuition to Rock it Out in Life & Business

With Christine Miskinis



Every women has a story, an ongoing message that runs through her veins.

When we create our lives from our POWER,  Truth and Authenticity (from the Inside-Out) we open up to bring our greatest desires into Reality.  We can STOP when we feel fear or experience pain OR we can choose to sit in the stillness behind it all, that place of Knowingness that we all posses.

In this inspiring talk, find out how…

Christine’s Bio

Christine Miskinis is a women’s Essence Coach and owner and founder of Rock it Out Woman and Moms Coach for Life

She has recently been defined as a Spiritual Midwife, as she supports women in the Return to Themselves in order to achieve their greatest Desires, find their Inner Voice and Rock it Out in their lives as Women, Mothers and Wives!

Her path for healing and thinking outside the box, began when she holistically healed herself of a lifetime of digestive issues and a precancerous condition at age 24. Through that experience she learned to research, question, experiment and always challenge what she was “told” by trusting her instincts in helping her to “find a better way.”
Christine has been seen multiple times on Dr. Oz and hosts her weekly series called Rock Out Motherhood found on MomsCoachforLifeTV YouTube Channel.

Learn more about Christine www.christinemiskinis.com, follower her on Facebook at Moms Coach for Life and also on Twitter and Instagram too!


Feminine Body Wisdom:
Attune to Your Cycle in Business & Life

With Stephanie Shananda



Our bodies have a wisdom all their own.

Learn how to tune into the wisdom of your natural cycle as a woman to do life and business on your terms.

In this inspiring talk, find out…

Stephanie’s Bio

Stephanie Shananda is a feminine body wisdom mentor. She supports women to embrace their feminine essence and creative power by deepening their connection to their body and inner wisdom to create a sacred and meaningful business and life.
Her focus is on reconnecting the heart and womb, the divine essence and authentic self within women.

Stephanie believes that tapping into our natural rhythms & knowing the secrets of our inner wisdom can help us live in alignment with our feminine self and with our soul’s purpose, creating the life we deserve.


Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body

With Tami Lynn Kent



Activate your body to reclaim your wild feminine spirit & creativity!

Tami Lynn Kent is a pioneer in the field of holistic women’s pelvic floor health, and has helped countless women worldwide re-awaken the power, spirit & joy of the female body

In this inspiring talk, find out…

Tami’s Bio

Tami Lynn Kent is the founder of Holistic Pelvic Care for women and author of Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female BodyMothering From Your Center, and Wild Creative: Igniting your Passion & Potential in Work, Home & Life, and runs an international training program for health care practitioners. She is also a mother to three beautiful sons. Tami is passionate about teaching others to cultivate the creative energy meant to flow through all aspects of ones life and access this beauty and wildness within. Find out more at  www.wildfeminine.com.


A Chemical-Free Womb

With Talibah Ndidi




The womb is the center of every woman’s life.

We live in an environment full of toxins. The pollution in the air down to the water that flows into our baths can be harmful to our mind, body and souls. Chemicals are used in almost all over-the-counter feminine products and can  alter the PH balance of the womb.  This can lead to chronic reproductive issues, mood swings, and more serious disorders. 

I have found that living a natural lifestyle & using natural feminine products greatly reduces the chances of harming the womb, and can help you maintain a healthy & balanced life!

In this inspiring talk with herbalist, Talibah Ndidi, discover…

Talibah’s Bio

Talibah Ndidi is a Natural Health Educator, founder of Urth Herbs Organic Herbal Company and Director for Divine Wombs for Life.  She loves sharing the many wonders of the female reproductive system and the sacredness of being a Goddess. Talibah is a certified facilitator in Sacred Sexual Union and serves as a Carrier of the Flame. Talibah studied at the Divine Institute of Wisdom and the Institute of Chinese Herbology.

Talibah’s passion for educating young girls and women on the importance of reproductive care and the sacredness of the womb led her to author “Body Changes 111: Transforming into the New You” and “Womb Sense: Balancing the Sacred Womb” ebook.  

Her life is dedicated to sharing life sustaining and essential information about the many wonders of the human body with people of all walks of life.  Her teachings consist of the importance of healing the soul in order to live as your true authentic self.  Talibah consults many people throughout the world helping individuals transform their health using ancient medicines and techniques.



Journey to Your Essence:
The Inca Path of the High Priestess in the Modern World

With Jessica Cornejo Gallegos
Inca High Priestess, Shaman, Healer, Guide & Heart Purpose Mentor


Jessica Pic for Bio

We are living the times of the Great Awakening…

My ancestors de Inca´s called this time the Taripaypacha- or the time of meeting ourselves again. Today, we are being called to step into our own essence, as it is the ultimate portal to a life of accomplishment and happiness.

In this inspirational interview, Jessica will share…

Jessica’s Bio

Jessica is the founder of Alturas Shining Light Spiritual Journeys. Through her divinely inspired healing services (spiritual * energetic * psychological), she guides women to transform their lives to step into happiness, peace and a purposeful life of fulfillment, by aligning with their hearts, their souls, Mother Earth and the Divine.

Jessica leads groups on sacred retreats to the land of the Incas, her ancestors, Cusco-Peru. She is a Peruvian-Canadian Reiki Master with a BSN degree and 7 years of nursing experience.

Years ago, Jessica experienced a depression and life crisis that led her to a spiritual awakening. Guided by Spirit to transform her own life, she experienced profound leaps in her personal-spiritual development by participating in Inca’s ceremonies during pilgrimages to Peru to be the Inca High Priestess, wise spiritual guide, speaker and healer she is today.

Today, Jessica is the owner of Alturas Kitchen, a restaurant in Cusco-Peru through which she has been inspired to nourish people´s bodies and souls. Jessica is currently providing life healing services and mentoring awakening women determined to transform their lives and is at work on a powerfully transformational new book as she is the Co-Author of an upcoming book on the path of the High Priestess.


Do It Girl: Mystic School for the Modern Woman

With Sarah Durham Wilson



Heal yourself to heal the world!

Women reflect the body of the Earth, and we must heal ourselves to heal the world.  But how do you manage this awakening process- the coming home, the self healing, the dark night of the soul, and the rising into the light- to walk as love in the modern world?

Join Do It Girl’s Saraha Durham Wilson as she shares…

Sarah’s Bio

Sarah Durham Wilson began her career in New York City as an arts journalist with a focus in rock n’ roll. After a whirlwind five years at Rolling Stone, Vh1, GQ, Vanity Fair, and Interview magazines, she moved to Omaha, Nebraska, and eventually to Los Angeles, where a life of partying and external seeking left her burnt out and bereaved. In a last ditch attempt to find herself, she landed on her childhood island of Martha’s Vineyard, where she experienced a spiritual awakening, leading her to yoga and reiki practice. She then travelled to Hawaii, the Kripalu Center, Amrit Yoga Institute, and finally back to the island to write and teach on women’s spirituality. She leads courses and retreats with Movement & Underworld Guide Shakti Sunfire, as well as her own courses on healing the self to heal the world. She believes once a woman moves inside of herself to heal her own body, she rises to heal the body of the world.


Grail Legend:
A Quest To Discover & Awaken the Qualities of Our Soul

With Ayn Cates Sullivan


Ayn's Fav-Author_0391


The womb is the center of every woman’s life.

Last year I began sharing myths of Celtic heroines and goddesses in books, online readings and workshops. I brought out the myth of Cessair first. She is the granddaughter of Noah, a heroine from both the Irish Book of Invasions and the Bible, who was refused a place on the ark and so built her own ship and set sail. Aided by the Goddess Eriu, she was the first person to step foot on Irish soil.

The second legend I brought forward was the story of Dindraine, the only woman in Arthurian legend to achieve the Holy Grail.

The two that followed were the tales of Danu, the Mother Goddess of the Tuatha de Dannan (the magical people of Ireland) and Aine, a solar Goddess. Since then I have written eight more legends, and all twelve will soon appear in my next book due out in the Spring of 2015, Legends of the Grail.

These are ancient myths, followed by stories mostly told in first person, which redeem and free the Goddesses, with practices to connect to the soul quality each Goddess carries.

In this talk you will learn…

Ayn’s Bio

Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D, has committed her life to writing – children’s stories, poetry, fiction and nonfiction for all ages. Ayn’s mission is to help people remember their inner light and ultimately their True Nature. With a master’s degree in spiritual psychology and a doctorate in literature earned between Columbia University and King’s College London, Ayn has amassed a wealth of academic knowledge that perfectly complements her life’s passion and pursuit to help heal, strengthen and empower people all over the world. She is the president of Infinite Light Publishing, and is assisting some new writers in preparing their spiritual books for publication. Today we will speak about Legends of the Grail, a book on goddesses and heroines.


Success in the Fashion World:
How to Hear, Trust & Follow the Voice of Your Intuition to Manifest Your Highest Calling in the Creative Process

With Mehera Blum



Creation begins with a spark…

The inception of a design, which comes to me in a visual flash… this energy must take shape and this is creativity: bringing form to living energy.

In this inspiring talk, Mehera Blum of the luxury fashion brand, Blumera, will discuss…

Mehera’s Bio

Mehera Blum is a fashion designer and owner of the luxury brand, Blumera. Traveling the globe, Mehera delves deep into the culture and innate skills of foreign lands to create one-of-a-kind hand-sculpted pieces. She defines herself as a creator, and it is this magic of creation that inspires her.  Though most of her pieces are handcrafted in Los Angeles, she designs and makes special pieces and collections the world over – whenever and wherever the inspirational spark is set aflame. Beyond the design, incredible handcraft, vibrant colors, and exotic materials, clients often remark that there is an unusual, almost intangible, essence that is Blumera’s signature mark. Some call it Love.
Mehera started her career as an actress graduating with a BFA in Acting from Boston University with time spent at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. She has appeared on Television and in Movies including Big Momma’s House 2, Dawson’s Creek, Guiding Light, etc, in commercials, print ads, and theatre the world over including productions at the Kennedy Center, Cherry Lane Theatre. She was nominated for the Irene Ryan Acting Award for work in Training Wisteria. After a brush with mercury poisoning, which Blum describes as fated, she started Blumera.
Join Mehera to hear how she began designing and creating a brand with far reaching clientele from the Princess of Romania and Yoko Ono to Jessica Alba and musicians, tastemakers, socialites, and politicians in between. She will take us through her design process, the highs and lows of running a business, and how ultimately acting from within creates without.  

Life Artistry: The ONE Myth That is Blocking You From the Life You Want

With Chloe Rain



Make Your Life Living Art!

Align with your true genius so you can actually make money, create with ease, and be a feminine leader of tomorrow!

Join Chloe Rain as she shares…

Chloe’s Bio

Chloë Rain is the CEO & Founder of Explore Deeply, helping people discover the keys to living a life you truly desire. Chloe is a success and failure expert, a published author, 2 time entrepreneur, artist, and professionally trained transformational life coach. She has had a long and diverse professional career as an insurance executive, entrepreneur and business owner, real-estate developer and Senior Manager for hotel design and development, turned Executive Life Coach.

In 2010 Chloë sought to integrate her passion for life with her creativity, experience of the profound, and eye for the refined and inspired. She founded Explore Deeply a unique merger of real life practical experience, divine inspiration, business virtuosity, and self mastery.Chloë Rain is now a sought after Emotional Freedom and Belief System Practitioner, skilled and trained in multiple modalities as a transformational life coach and business mentor.


Unapologetic Beauty: Own Your Beauty to Empower Yourself in Life & Business

With Paula Lacobara




Stop apologizing.  Start receiving.

Beauty is our inner Light, our truth, and our power.

However, many women feel they have to squelch this to be accepted, loved, or liked.  Learn how to stop apologizing for who you are and start receiving!

In this empowering talk you will learn…

Paula’s Bio

Paula Lacobara is a women’s empowerment coach who specializes in assisting women to reconnect with their feminine essence and beauty so they can live an authentic life as integrated women in the world.

Paula is mostly known for helping women feel confident and in harmony with their feminine and masculine aspects of themselves, and how by infusing beauty in every area of their lives, they become unstoppable to achieve all of their heart’s desires.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, she moved to America 12 years ago to follow her desire to live on purpose and created a successful multiple 6-figure coaching business. Today she travels around the world, working with clients and sharing her message and her latino flare on women owning their beauty and femininity unapologetically to create a life they absolutely love.



Business Medicine: Prophecy, Healing, Alchemy & the Wild Soul in the Creation of Success

With Katharine Dever



Beyond Business as Usual…

In Business Intuitive, Katharine Dever, as she delves into the power of mysticism in business success.

You’ll learn…


Katharine’s Bio

Katharine Dever is a mother of two and an Intuitive business consultant living in Somerset, England.

She works with creative, big hearted women who have a dream of a thriving, sustainable and abundant life sharing their gifts and living their highest purpose.

Whilst her expertise is in Marketing & Sales in a feminine and authentic way, her intuitive and unconventional approach means her clients experience results across all levels of their lives beyond ‘business as usual’.

She prides herself in supporting her clients to manifest their heart’s true desires.

She has been called ‘An angel of Transformation’ for her uncanny ability to show up at just the right time to midwife her client’s life-changing breakthroughs. Katharine spent years sofa-surfing, meditating and ‘trying’ to live on purpose, until she finally got a massive wake-up call and her life shifted almost instantaneously, from being broke, homeless and single to creating a 6 figure business in 4 months, moving house and feeling fulfilled in her work.


Your Soul Has a Business Plan: How to follow your Intuition to create a Successful Business

With Alaya Gold



Are you looking to start or grow your business in a way that is in Alignment with your Soul’s Essence and your Highest Path and Purpose?

Sourcing your Soul’s wisdom when it comes to creating and operating your own Business is quite easy to do, once you learn how to do it. Our Intuition is the way that our Soul or Spirit speaks to us and once we learn how to follow our Intuition in our Business in everything from Branding to Marketing to our Facebook Posts, our Business becomes a direct reflection of our Soul’s Essence.

Join Alaya as she explains: 


Alaya’s Bio

Alaya Gold is an expert in the field of Intuitive Business, Marketing and Sales.  She has over 10 years of experience in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing and Social Media.

In her work as an Intuitive Business Mentor to Feminine Entrepreneurs, she combines her Business School training with her Intuitive abilities to assist entrepreneurs in intuitively creating the business & life that’s meant for them. After Alaya left the corporate world in 2009 she spent years struggling, making less than $500 a month until she harnessed the power of her intuition in her business and grew it to over $108,000 in revenue in just one year.

Before Alaya started her business, she receiving a  Masters Degree in Economics and pursued her passion for women’s empowerment by creating a leadership organization for women which grew to over 3,000 members in just one year. Her work has been featured in WIRED magazine and at the peak of her corporate career she was a sought after social media marketer who brought over 3 Million in traffic to technology start-ups.

Alaya’s unique blend of Leadership, Intuition, Marketing and Business savvy allow her to understand the client from a Soul Level perspective. Seeing their Life’s Work and their Legacy and translating that into Branding, Marketing and Positioning which reaches far into the future.


Taking Back Bli$$:
How to Manifest Sacred Sexual Wealth
Through Your Wombanhood &
Create a High Healed Priestess Business

With Amanda Noelle




From 4-Figure Hippie Healer to High Healed Priestess 6 Figure Earner.

Dr. Amanda Noelle will be sharing her unique story of going from a 4-figure hippie healer chick to a High-Healed Priestess 6-figure earner. She’ll share how she busted the myth that business has to be dry and boring, so that you can have a juicy, ripe, intuitive-based Divine Feminine bli$$ness (business + bliss + big bucks) in the easiest and most delightful way possible.

In this activating discussion you’ll learn…


Amanda’s Bio

Dr. Amanda Noelle is the founder of Aphrodite University, the premier Divine Feminine based university for High-Healed Priestesses, offering MBA, PhD, and BA programs for women ready to create 6 or 7 figure bli$$nesses that heal the world. She also loves matching women with their Twin Flames and believes that Twin Flames and soul purposes are the same energy. Amanda lives by the beach in San Diego California.


Revolutionary Radiance: Awakening the Living Goddess Through Ecstatic Embodiment & Authentic Expression

With Renee Jeffus



How do we as modern women truly awaken the Goddess within and live juicy, thriving lives?

When we enter into a deep and holy communion with our own Spirit and Body and recognize that we are the very Goddess Her Self, everything changes. We become empowered to speak our truth. We become more bold in the claiming of what is right for us and in saying a conscious no to what isn’t. We recognize the beauty, magic and love that is all around us offering itself to us. We claim our worth and value ourselves deeply. We fall madly in love with our bodies and all the wonders they hold. We allow pleasure, playfulness and joy to guide our lives. We see the Divine in our sisters, our mothers and our daughters and help them to know this truth for themselves. This is the greatest gift we can give to the world in these times for as we awaken this truth of our Holy Nature we bring the essence of the sacred feminine into a more visible and palpable place in the world. We help restore her importance and value as a whole to all of society and bring more compassion, grace, beauty, pleasure, community, connectedness, play, wildness, intuition, flow, natural rhythm, embodiment, sensuality and love for the benefit of all.

In this inspiring talk, learn…


Renee’s Bio

Renee Jeffus is a Shamanic Priestess, Women’s Transformational Life Coach and Devoted Mama of three. She is the founder and director of The Revolutionary Radiance Movement where she supports women, all over the world through various programs and events, in discovering and living from their true feminine essence, sacred sensuality, authentic beauty and embodied power. Renee spent many years as an outwardly successful but deeply conflicted model who was known for her Cover Girl Cosmetics campaigns in the 80s and 90s. She then left the business on a powerful healing quest to reclaim her life and to remember her Divinity. This deep inner quest for wholeness and healing blossomed into her life mission of supporting other women in living their fullest, most expressive and empowered lives. 

Renee is a certified Herbalist and Connected Wellness Practitioner, an Energetic and Shamanic Healer, Tantra Educator, Tantric Dance Teacher, Speaker and Author. She brings her wise woman wisdom, her deep heart compassion and her radiant power in service to humanity’s great awakening during these revolutionary times.


The Oneness of Being: Yoga, Spirituality, Nonviolence & the Mind-Body Connection

With Andrea Boyd



Yoga is a portal to the Oneness of Being.

Many of us are seeking peace, freedom, happiness, and a release from the suffering of life. By binding the body and focusing the mind, yoga provides a path to liberate consciousness 

Join Jivanukti Yoga Teacher, Andrea Boyd, as she shares… 


Alaya’s Bio

Andrea is known for her uplifting, creative, musical, inspirational, provocative, challenging classes, revealing the mystical depths of the yoga teachings in a relevant, accessible way. Her love of universal wisdom and the healing sciences, as well as compassion to animals, is rooted in love. Andrea has two yoga shalas in Charleston, SC, teaches worldwide, and is an integral part of the renowned Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Trainings. She edited and produced the books “An Offering of Leaves” & “Sweeping the Dust,” and has produced 7 albums called “The Spoken Word Series” featuring 3 of her teachers. Her lineage is Sri K Pattabhi Jois, Swami Nirmalananda, Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Shyamdas, Ruth Lauer Manenti, and Jayashree & Narasimhan.


Food, Love, Freedom: Lose Weight Effortlessly & Transform Your Body with Self Love

With Athene Farmas




Claim the Miracle Mindset & Know You Are Already Perfect.

Weight loss is a struggle for women all over the world.  However, it doesn’t have to be.  Learn how pleasure & the power of self love play an important role in permanent weight loss, and how YOU can end the cycle of dieting to achieve your ideal body weight NOW.

In this lively discussion Athene will show you…


Athene’s Bio

Athene was raised in the restaurant biz by Greek immigrant parents that taught her the importance of food and family.  She was shown love growing up by delicious home cooked meals.  It was a time of connection and celebration around food.   However, at the early age of 11, she went on her first diet that began the cycle of deprivation and dieting for a quarter of a century.  For almost 25 years, she tried every diet and found her self losing and gaining more weight each time.  Finally, after learning how to get back to her roots and use food as a healing potion not her poison.

She does not advocate one particular style of eating nor does she believe there is ONE RIGHT way to eat, drink or LIVE. 

The pillars of wellness include eating more whole grains, organic and unprocessed foods, however, the distinctions that best serve you are unique. This is why diets don’t work. If there was a panacea to health, our beloved Oprah would be svelte.


The Temple of the Beloved: 8 Sacred Keys to Unlocking Beloved Relationship in Yourself, Your Life & in Love

With Christina Sophia Huntley



What if we could have what so many of us instinctively KNOW we are meant to have?

An off the charts divine & spiritually grounded beloved relationship?

In this new emerging paradigm we are no longer the celibate monk on the mountaintop, we are the priestess in the village, and that priestess is meant to be able to share her divine life with her partner – a partner who truly steps up to LIVE BELOVED LOVE with her.

Divine Love, mad-passionate-tantric love. Spirit-centric Love, eternal, immortal, and sweet detailed long-lasting love. But for her to have this? She must do the deep work of excavating the old paradigm from her being, realize the beloved within, and let that Beloved consciousness have its way with all of her relationship matrix – then – and only then – can her Beloved emerge to join her in sacred relationship.

Join us as Christina Sophia Huntley shares her phenomenal story of finding Beloved Love.

You’ll learn…


Christina’s Bio

Christina Sophia Huntley is an ecstatically married and deeply fulfilled woman, priestess and conduit of the divine light who helps revolutionary souls wake up to their spirit and do the deep healing work, so they can manifest their life of SHINING SERVICE and DEEP BELOVED FULFILLMENT. With a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard University and a decade of total devotion to healing with the divine light, she is known for her deep insight, powerfully compassionate healing manner, and for always, always, calling those she serves far higher than they’ve dared. She is the founder of the Temple of the Beloved, a revolutionary 9-week training to live divine love, in our lives and relationships. Christina Sophia lives in Bali, Indonesia with her Beloved Husband and best friend Oliver. When not facilitating trainings she can usually be found swimming naked in waterfalls or doing a mint-chocolate-chip-(vegan) ice-cream cleanse.


Sacred Sexual Union: The Tantric Path of the Beloved & Sacred Relationships

With Anaiya Sophia


Anaiya's Head Shot

Sacred Sexual Union is a gathering for all the Warrior Midwives out there being birthed through the alchemy of Sacred Relationship.

Hieros Gamos or the Sacrament of the Bridal Chamber is a term that was once used to refer to an ancient rite that culminated in an ecstatic ‘altered state’ between Priest and Priestess as they sexually merged into the ecstatic palpable reality of God.

NOW, in present time we call it Sacred Sexual Union, an on-going alchemical transfiguration that not only births the human into Divine, but consciously elevates the rippling tide of EVERYTHING that the relationship touches.

Is it possible that Sacred Sexual Union, based upon the conscious application of Love, Power and Wisdom, be the path to attain Christhood? Can hormonal driven sex be preventing men and women from rediscovering their innate non-dual perception? I believe the answer is Fully Embodied YES!

Join Anaiay as she explains: 


Anaiya’s Bio

Anaiya is a wellspring of both wisdom and experience and is known for her role in birthing New Paradigm Relationships and Divinized Sexuality.

Her unyielding passion is to help people transition from co-dependent relationships into a thriving union based on Love and Freedom, held within a holy sanctified container.

‘Without a holy tantric revolution being at the heart of our Great Rebirth – it will never happen! For us to be able to truly birth this new paradigm we absolutely need the sanctified holy sexual force to give us the energy, stamina, passion and unyielding pioneering spirit to make it through to the other side of this planetary transformation’.

Her books include: Open your Heart with Kundalini Yoga, Womb Wisdom and Sacred Sexual Union (Inner Traditions, USA) Pilgrimage of Love, and The Rose Knight.

She also owns a Bed & Breakfast in Southern France where small groups and individuals can stay. http://www.ammarosa.com/

Her books include: Open your Heart with Kundalini Yoga, Womb Wisdom, and Sacred Sexual Union (Inner Traditions) Pilgrimage of Love, and The Rose Knight. Anaiya lives in Languedoc, Southern France where she runs a Bed and Breakfast called AmmaRosa where she can receive small groups and individuals who are interested in exploring Sacred France and the roots of her work, coming from the Ancient Order of Mary Magdalene and the teachings of John the Beloved. This region is also the heartlands of the Cathars.


Your Core Sexual Energy: Open Up Your 2nd Chakra to Manifest the Financial & Relationship Lives You Desire

With Amy Jo Goddard




Our sexual energy is our core energy, our core life force. Water, and therefore, flow, lives in the second chakra, the home of our sexuality, our sensual selves, financial power, and our desire. Sometimes life gets in the way of us experiencing the manifestations of our deepest desires. When we get stuck in our daily attachments, we dam the flow of pleasure in our lives. Sexual Empowerment Coach, Amy Jo Goddard talks about how we can tap into our well of sexual energy to manifest the life we truly desire.

In this discussion you’ll learn…

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Amy Jo’s Bio

As a Sexual Empowerment expert and thought leader, Amy Jo Goddard has guided thousands of people towards the wholeness and fulfillment they want, sexually and in other aspects of their lives. She earned her Master’s degree in Human Sexuality Education from New York University and has 20 years of experience in the sexuality field. As a renowned speaker and teacher, Amy Jo travels to colleges, communities, and conferences teaching classes and offering keynotes that help people to connect the dots around sexuality and money, expand their creativity, grow their confidence and learn to be bigger in their relationships, in business, and in the world. She delivered her TEDx talk “Owning Your Sexual Power” in March, 2014 in Napa Valley, was named one of GO! Magazin’s “100 Women We Love” in 2010 and one of Kinkly’s ”100 Sex Blogging Superheros” in 2013.

Amy Jo teaches her unique 9-month Women’s Sexually Empowered Life Program, maintains a private coaching practice, and hosts events and VIP days with private clients in Napa Valley and New York City. She creates unique opportunities for women and couples to deeply explore, heal, and grow their sexuality. She is also a corporate consultant, helping companies elevate the professional and personal lives of women. Her second book Woman on Fire: 9 Elements to Wake up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence is set for release by Penguin Random House in September, 2015. You can find her online, writing about practical, real-world sexuality and evolved relationships at  www.amyjogoddard.com.


“Hear these women share their stories of pivotal moments, decisions, actions, & non-actions they had to take to reclaim that special piece of Feminine Power, which often allowed them to transcend the greatest obstacles in their path & experience far deeper, meaningful & extraordinary success then they had previously dreamed of.”


Wealthy, Wise, Wild & Free:
The Mystical Maiden’s Guide to Self Mastery in the 3 Worlds for Personal Empowerment, Success & Spiritual Freedom

With Kara Gilligan


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The 3 Worlds form the foundation of our existence as human beings…

Learning to master your relationships to self in the 3 worlds of consciousness is essential to a stable, successful & spiritually fulfilling life.

In this inspirational talk, you will learn…


Kara’s Bio

Kara Gilligan is a personal branding expert & success coach for Sacred Feminine Leaders.  She helps awakening women heal their money story & create lifestyle-based businesses that nurture the development of their spiritual lives. A mystic, artist, coach, & online business expert, Kara initiates women into a sacred relationship with money, body, business, voice & personal power to birth their purpose in the world.   

Manifestation Workshop +
Traditional Inca Fire Ceremony for Mother Earth

Video Closing Ceremony With Special Guests:
Chloe Rain, Dr. Amanda Noelle, Jessica Cornejo Gallegos, & Alaya Gold

Chloe+Rain+Explore+Deeply+Why+am+I+alive?+Live+your+Purpose headshot Kara-Headshot Jessica Pic for Bio laughing


Close your experience in the Her Terms Telesummit with a Manifestation Workshop, featuring 4 of Our Speakers & Traditional Inca Fire Ceremony, led by Traditional Peruvian Shaman- Jessica Cornejo Gallegos!

Taking back wealth, wisdom & the way of the Goddess is about being in harmony with our giving & receiving.  Honoring our connection to each other, the Earth, and all of life.

This is a powerful time for us to celebrate and be grateful for the gifts of our Journey through the powerful alignments and inspirational teachings of the summit.  

You will receive a workbook to focus your insights and set the intentions you’d like to crate in your life & business.

Your prayers & desires will be activated by the powerful wisdom of a circle of sisters & released into Pachamama through a traditional Inca Fire Ceremony & Offering to Mother Earth, hosted by Shaman, Jessica Cornejo Gallegos.

From Jessica…

“The Inca Ceremony for Mother Earth is a ritual of Inca ancestral origin based on reciprocity between this physical plane of existence and the spiritual world. The offering to Mother Earth has its origin in the relationship between Mother Earth and the Inca people who worked on the fields and harvested crops. The offering is a symbolic way in which we give back to Mother Earth as we are thankful for all we have received. This is how we re-establish harmonious balance between us and Mother Earth. The Apu is the masculine aspect of nature and Pachamama (Mother Earth) is the feminine aspect. Apus are the spirits of the Mountains, the spirits of our wise Inca ancestors. They are guides who offer their support and protection to us. The thanksgiving ceremony is part of the natural cycle of giving and receiving. To receive abundantly from Mother Earth and the Apus, we must participate of the cycle by giving and being thankful.”

Invest in this Powerful Opportunity to Birth Your Feminine Essence in Life & Business!